Alison Gegg

PMA Certfied

I grew up riding horses and doing anything outside. At a young age, I developed very bad headaches and back pain, these got to the point that I could no longer enjoy my outdoor activities anymore. I tried everything to ease the pain but nothing worked, until I tried Pilates. After my first Pilates class in 2012, I knew that I was hooked. I kept doing the Pilates work and was able to do exercises that I never thought I would be able to do. I learned balance, grace, and flexibility, (all of which I didn’t know existed for me). There is this aspect of a mind-body connection that helped me become more consistently happy because I began incorporating Pilates into my daily life. 

I decided that if Pilates helped me so much, that I wanted to show other people that it can help them too. I have completed a 1,000 hour extensive Pilates teacher training program through Organic Pilates and I am PMA Certified. As I started teaching and building relationships with my clients, I found that I was in the right place. 

I want to help others discover what I did. Happiness. A love of life. A respect for the body. I am now able to more thoroughly enjoy my outdoor passions of hiking, backpacking, camping and horseback riding. I am a strong advocate for this method of movement, not for someone to just get a good workout, but because it can change someone’s life. Pilates has shown me that I am right where I need to be.

Liz Keating

PMA Certified

My passion for Pilates began in 2006.

I was looking for a way to be fit and active that wouldn’t aggravate my hip, which I had surgery on four years before. Through the Pilates method, I found strength, flexibility and an overall balance that I had never experienced before. 

After seeing and feeling the results in my own body I decided to become certified and share my passion for the method by becoming an instructor. I completed the extensive training program at The Pilates Center in Boulder in June 2009. I believe Pilates is for everyone and I truly enjoy teaching the fittest students as well as those who are rehabilitating from injuries or dealing with chronic pain. My goal is for my clients to feel strong, confident and integrated in both body and mind, not only when working in the studio, but also in their daily lives.

Crystal Boecker

PMA Certified, BASI Teachers Mat Certification

“Therapy for the Therapist” was one of the reasons I started teaching Pilates. 

With the stress of living cross culturally in Asia and providing psychological counseling, I needed something that would offer stress relief, care for my body and provide the opportunity to meet a fun and varied community to practice and grow with. Pilates was just the therapy for me. 

I have found this continues to be true now that I live in Colorado (along with the added joys of snowshoeing, hiking and enjoying the outdoors).

I received my BASI Teachers Mat certification in 2008, and a 1000 hour Comprehensive Equipment Teachers Training Certificate in 2015. I am also PMA certified.

I enjoy helping clients achieve what they thought was unreachable. I have experience teaching all ages, and many cultures as well as Pregnant and Postpartum clientele and Breast Cancer Survivors. I hope you will find your own sweet spot when you try Pilates too!

Megan Kabil

PMA Certified

I came to Pilates in 2004 after injuring my low back. Per the physical therapist suggestion, I tried Pilates and was hooked after one session.  I continued intermittently throughout the years, always returning for the strength and flexibility it provided.   

After a serious knee injury in 2013, I was faced with a difficult decision to either wear a leg brace full time or have a total knee replacement.  I opted for neither, turning to Pilates once again to build strength, fix alignment issues, and gain overall integration in both body and mind.  

In delving deeper into the Pilates method, I have witnessed the wondrous benefits Pilates provides.  In 2015, I decided to become an instructor so I could share my passion for Pilates with others.  I completed a 1000-hour extensive Pilates teacher-training program through Organic Pilates at Functional Strength and became PMA certificated.

Pilates has saved me!  I am stronger, happier, more flexible, and more confident.  I have a freedom of movement that I never thought possible due to old injuries/pain.  I have achieved things in Pilates that I never thought possible! 

Drew Clark


Five years ago, Pilates found me. As I learned the movement, the exercise strengthened my core, my powerhouse, and my back started to get some relief. On a higher level, Pilates unwound me and helped me relax. With a decompressed spine, I started to feel flexible. My range of motion increased and I had spring back in my step!

Before Pilates, my favorite activity has always been cycling. You name it: mountain, road, fixie — if it had two wheels I was interested in it. Cycling has been my passion since I was a teenager, but years of repetitive motion and a one dimensional approach to exercise left me with a very tight cyclist’s posture. I had tight hamstrings, over-developed quads, a tucked pelvis and the flexibility rage of a brick. Add that to a weak stomach and hunched shoulders that came from working all day at a desk, and I could have posed as a poster boy as the perfect candidate for Pilates.

I was so taken by this method of movement, I felt everyone should have a place to practice Pilates. So, I dove into Pilates as a business idea. I researched the industry, took the teacher training with the idea of opening my own studio in mind, and fully immersed myself in the concept.

Whether you’re an athlete, young, old, a long-time couch potato, or just an Average Joe, anyone — at any fitness level, can get tremendous benefit from practicing Pilates. I knew there was a need for a studio that would create a place for everyone, and that’s what I set out to do. We have a friendly, well thought out studio with an environment that I hope will inspire you to get started on a movement activity that is so beneficial to your health.